Printing Tips for Digital Sheet Music on this Website

You will always find print recommendations on each detail page.

PDF settings are optimized for printing with Adobe Acrobat Reader .
Size: Actual size (other software also referred to as „None“ o.a.).
Orientation: Auto portrait / landscape (other software also referred to as „auto rotate and center“ o.a.).
Please check the preview or the first test print. Examine wether details like title, page numbers and footer with edition number and copyright are clearly visible.

Standard format: DIN A 4
All scores are printable in black and white or grayscale. Page turns are always on odd-numbered right pages. Usually it is possible to turn the pages while playing.

Tips for duplex printing:
Standard format „Portrait“ →flip on long edge or flip over
Special format „Landscape“→ flip on short edge or flip up

To achieve best results for double-sided printing, use paper grammage 120 g/m² or heavier.

If you notice a significant difference between print and preview, feel free to notify me.