for Lute 10 courses and Archlute 13 courses - 1 Player (1988)

9 Sets: Einleitung · Resonanz I · Intonation I · Glissando I · Kadenz I · Intonation II · Resonanz II · Glissando II · Kadenz II



Lute 10 courses and Archlute 13 courses (1 player)
To play also on a large instruments
Notation: modern tablature and graphic notation (manuscript)
Tuning: well-tempered scale recommended
Annotations: German/English
Performance duration: c. 23 min.


Tuning of both instruments for this piece:

Ricercar I Tuning Sample

Ricercar I Tuning CLICK TO VIEW

Score format DIN A 4 Landscape – 37 pages.

Special playing techniques

A lot of special playing techniques. Use of feather and slide. See Ricercar I Preface, pages III-VIII_German/English