for Lute 10 courses and Archlute 13 courses - 1 Player (1988)

9 Sets: Einleitung · Resonanz I · Intonation I · Glissando I · Kadenz I · Intonation II · Resonanz II · Glissando II · Kadenz II



Lute 10 courses and Archlute 13 courses (1 player)
To play also on a large instruments
Notation: modern tablature and graphic notation (manuscript)
Tuning: well-tempered scale recommended
Annotations: German/English
Performance duration: c. 23 min.


Tuning of both instruments for this piece:

Ricercar I Tuning Sample

Ricercar I Tuning CLICK TO VIEW

Score format DIN A 4 Landscape – 37 pages. Print recommendation: double-sided print. Printing Tips

Please consider the operating instructions of your printer about double sided print in landscape format! Generally you have to select „flip on short edge“. For this score the page numbering of the PDF file is relevant, not the page numbers in the score!
Odd pdf page → right page ⁄ even pdf page → left page.

Special playing techniques

A lot of special playing techniques. Use of feather and slide. See Ricercar I Preface, pages III-VIII_German/English

Edition number CLM1R070813-000
GEMA Werknummer 4780027


Performer: Michael Freimuth. Production ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen.
Recording: Thomas Bocklenberg

Ricercar1-Audio sample1+2 CLICK TO VIEW

Ricercar I Audio 1+2 CLICK TO VIEW

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