for Theorbo (2009)

„People in Tokyo – activity and contemplation among the hustle and bustle of the city“



Theorbo 14 courses in A or G with stopped courses 1-7
To play also on a large instrument. Optional use of a 13th fret
Notation: french tablature
Tuning: well-tempered scale recommended
Annotations: German/English
Performance duration: 11’30 min.


Tuning for this piece:

Kokoro Tuning

Kokoro Tuning CLICK TO VIEW

Score format DIN A 4 – 14 pages. Print recommendation: double-sided print. Page turns are always on odd-numbered pages. Printing Tips

Special playing techniques

Extended use of lower bass courses. Orientation and accuracy of the right hand thumb. Some special sound effects for the right hand –
see Kokoro Annotationspdficon_small .

Edition number CLM2R061416-010
GEMA Werknummer 13098649

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