Fantasie In Nomine II

for Lute 10 courses (2000)

Prelude – Calmo, meditativo – Vivo – Moderato con spirito – Tempo giusto – Cadenza – Moderato – Tempo giusto – Meditation melancholico – Adagio, calmo


Lute in G 10 courses
Notation: french tablature
Tuning: well-tempered scale recommended
Annotations: German/English
Performance duration: c. 10 min.
Tuning: standard


Score format DIN A 4 – 12 pages. Page turns are always on odd-numbered pages. The score contains graphics.

Choral section in Taverner’s music

Basis of FANTASIE IN NOMINE II for Lute/Archlute solo is a gregorian melody, which is first used by John Taverner in the 1st half of the 16th century for his mass „GLORIA TIBI TRINITAS“.
Since the renaissance there are numerous works based on this cantus firmus melody, especially by English composers. The title „In nomine“ refers to the text of Taverner’s „Benedictus“: Benedictus qui venit in nomine domini…

Fantasie In Nomine II – Preface and Prelude [PDF]